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Moving to Hugo

 ·  ☕ 1 min read

I’ve been contemplating for some time now on how to start actually doing something with this website, after having registered the domain name a couple of years ago now, throwing two different instances of Grav on the two different VPSs that have powered the website. However, for some reason, I just never really saw the point of maintaining the site - I was too busy with other things so never really got around to doing anything further. Hence why the site had the “Say Hello to Grav!” and Typography pages on the front for most of it’s life with Grav.

However, after watching a video by Chris Titus, I finally decided to give Hugo a go, and give this another go. The ability to simply write the content locally in a text editor - in my case right now it’s Sublime Text, but it could just as easily be VSCode since I spend a lot of time there these days writing or reviewing code. Or I might also take the plunge, and take the opportunity to give VIM a second chance. Either way, hopefully this has given the website a new lease on life, and I’ll start updating with current endeavours and thoughts.

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