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TinyTrainer V2

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Back in September 2022 I got myself a Five33 TinyTrainer frame kit, and shortly after that proceeded to get the various parts to put it together. It took a little longer than expected, as NextFPV were having trouble getting stock of suitably sized AIO ESC+FC stacks due to the ongoing semiconductor parts shortages. Finally, though, by December, something suitable came into stock (although a little overkill.. 45A Foxeer Reaper AIO), and onwards with the build. I was pretty happy with the final product, with one exception… the canopy… that thing was absolutely useless, and to this day, I still have not fitted it… because as soon as it goes on, I lose access to the microUSB on the FC - which I really only need for DFU updating, as I can access Betaflight over wifi via the ELRS receiver. Some other people complain about the fact the baseplate is one piece so you have to replace the entire frame if you break an arm, but I doubt I’ll break it (fingers crossed).

So I was elated to hear Five33 announce a TinyTrainer V2 with an entirely different canopy design, as well as some other changes such as removable arms. NextFPV couldn’t take my money quick enough! A nice bonus was they also had the spec motors and recommended AIO FC in stock at the same time, as well as props and such, so I was able to get all the parts for it at the same time, and build it up quickly. Well, I would have if all the motors were in the 4pack box, but that wasn’t their fault, and was quickly resolved. The new design is great - rather than a canopy that you zip tie over the frame, it now has separate “motor wire” protector covers that you can zip tie on, and the centre canopy pivots on the front so you can access the central stack and work on it.

This time, I used the:

After applying the ELRS and sugarK’s TinyTrainer presets in Betaflight, it flew just great from the first flight. I also got the TPU battery holder for the V2, and it was a much better fit to the batteries than the V1 - didn’t need to be pre-streched for the batteries to go in.

Tiny Trainer V1 and V2

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